Is your EMR contract and billing sound?

Sometimes it feels like it is a good idea to buy everything from one vendor. EMR and PM software as well as hardware, networking and computer maintenance. 

Or is it?

There have been so many instances when I've been told practices were billed for equipment they never received, billed for services such as interfaces that never happened. Or, surprises on your bill for 'add-ons' that were originally not mentioned but are required!

Of course you need to be careful about such things for all your purchases but it applies particularly to EMR and PM software purchases. 

You need to make sure there is an extremely simple bill without fine print to the fine print. Many EMR vendors are still trying to 'steal' from doctors with extras which can be significantly more than the core product. It leaves a bad taste in doctors' mouths.

My advise is to make sure EHR contract is sound!