Cloud EMR and Trust Security

 During years of economic downturn and healthcare upheaval, many companies and medical practices have been hit hard with lower revenues and sinking margins.  Software as a service, SaaS, is one of many options that industries are turning toward to save money to protect their most valuable information instead of paying thousands of dollars to install software on their computers.

The cost of a traditional model of implementing software or even simple anti-virus protection sums up exponentially; You have to pay for an investment in software and hardware, as well as the ongoing time and effort spent supporting, patching, and maintaining the system (Harbert).  SaaS, or the Cloud, offers antivirus protection among many other security incentives.  Hospitality and food, healthcare, social services, and retail trade are a few of the top vertical markets in the cloud that are turning toward SaaS.

Industries where it is vital that privacy is not infiltrated, such as the healthcare industry, need to continuously think of ways to protect themselves against malicious viruses as well as possible blunders extracted from written documentation.  By implementing electronic medical records as well as other cloud services, healthcare providers are able to gain assurance that their data will be safe without having to rely on their own servers.  As well as saving money, cloud services increase the speed of daily processes and applications. 

The government is pushing the medical industry towards acclimatizing itself with electronic medical and health records.  Software as a service is part of a semi-new idea, along with IaaS, Infrastructure as a Service, that is involved with cloud computing.  Not only does the proposal of a cloud make “security” for the medical industry more expedient, it also makes it safer.  It improves efficiency and patient care by providing a convenient, accurate way for patients and physicians to have secure access to key medical data. It facilitates information-sharing between primary care physicians and specialists while improving tasks such as charting, billing and reporting. (WRS)

As many people know, most doctors spend time both in clinics as well as their local hospitals.  Because of this, they need access to data and applications from multiple locations.  This is what makes cloud computing and SaaS an ideal solution.  Waiting Room Solutions is a SaaS company that provides web based electronic medical and health records to the healthcare industry across the United States.  They customize their software to each individual practice and include over 32 specialties, making it easier for doctors to spend more time with their patients, and less time with the administrative work.

Waiting Room Solutions is just one of many up-and-coming EMR SaaS company’s.  According to a firm in Arizona, In-Stat, the SaaS market is expected to grow 142% from 2010 to 2015.  Overall cloud computing IaaS, SaaS and PaaS, Platform as a service, will grow 153% during same years (Violino).  It is a continuously growing industry, and one that the health care industry cannot disregard.  Sooner than later, all practices will be using the cloud and web EMR software.  It increases efficiency while decreasing cost.  To this day, many healthcare practices are already on ‘Cloud 9,’ where are you?



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