New 5010 rules require all billing providers to report their Taxonomy Code with all claims

Addition of Taxonomy Code for Billing Providers 

Under the new 5010 requirements, all billing providers are now required to report their Taxonomy Code with all claims. 

Functionality to select and add these codes has been added to the WRS System.

If the provider’s Taxonomy Code is on file with the NPI Registry, WRS will automatically populate this information for inclusion with all claims. 

If a Taxonomy Code is not on file for the provider with the NPI Registry, this information must be added under Administration>Resource Management>Resource Set up>[Provider Name]>General.  

The system will present possible Taxonomy Codes based on the Primary Specialty selected for that provider. The practice can also Search for an appropriate Taxonomy Code to make this selection. Once the correct Taxonomy Code has been identified, the user must press Save to make this change permanent. This information will be transmitted with all claims.

NOTE: Taxonomy Codes cannot be added directly on the CMS 1500 Page. The provider’s Taxonomy Code must be specified in WRS under Administration>Resource Management>Resource Setup>General. Failure to make this selection may result in claim rejection and non-payment under new 5010 requirements.