Communication is the Most Important Medical Instrument - Patient Portal and EMR

 “A good scalpel makes a better surgeon. Good communication makes a better doctor.”

- Dr. Josh Umbehr


US Healthcare landscape is changing rapidly at one of the fastest pace than ever before. One thing is clear; the days of ‘pay-for-services’ reimbursement are numbered. There are some major paradigm shifts, some of them are not so clear. The big winners are Patients. Patient centric is the key to this new future. So, it is not surprising that the winners will have to learn effective and efficient communication.

The proliferation of Internet based medical and healthcare information has provided extreme breadth of communication but Providers fear it lacks depth. But because healthcare represents almost 20% of the economy, it is clear that stakes are high. New information technologies are scaring Providers. Patients are sometimes flush with ‘mis-information’ that can not only be ineffective, but also outright dangerous.

This is why effective communication between Patients and Providers is crucial. The Patient is now the center of the care team. Success for Providers and the entire continuum of care depends on improved communication between healthcare professional and patients. This has been an important component of Meaningful measure of Stage I incentives. Stage 2 will push it even further by ‘requiring’ effective patient communications through various mechanisms, use of technologies.

Fortunately, innovative technologies of integrated patient portals with EHR are not new, but better technologies incorporate these islands of automation into a seamless process and smooth experience for patient and provider communication. The economics and simplicity of Internet and SaaS have finally now come to healthcare, which affords greatly improved communication technologies to small and medium organizations.

Success will be driven by factors such as satisfaction and better patient health outcomes. Communication becomes the most important medical instrument of the future.