Waiting Room Solutions EHR is Built on a Modern Cloud Platform

EHR Upgrade

The world is going to the web. Your patients are online, claims data travels over the web, and major software for all major industries are now going to the Cloud.  If you’re using on-premises technology…it may be functional but it is likely obsolete. Waiting Room Solutions EHR is built on the leading edge web-platform that not only brings all the benefits of the web but it enables seamless technology changes as the healthcare infrastructure changes. If you have experience with an entry level EHR and you’re ready to take the training wheels off…it’s time to contact us.

  Free Isn't Free
   Waiting Room Solutions  – The Best Value in the Industry

Best Value EHR UpgradePractices at entry level for electronic charting have experimented with “free” or low-cost software. But the true cost of using one of these systems is the time and opportunity expense of the practice. A robust integrated EHR system supported by practice management experts and clinicians provides so much more of an opportunity for your practice to realize its potential. Ask yourself what are you losing by choosing a “free” alternative.

  Are You Getting What You Paid For? Are You Not Getting What You Need?

Just because you paid a lot for your software, doesn’t mean that you are getting what you need. Your licensing fees may be supporting an older technology backed by a large corporate conglomerate. At Waiting Room Solutions we are uniquely attuned to your needs. We back that up every day with new technology solutions and an unparalleled training and support staff with real-world healthcare experience. Let us wow you with what we can do for your practice.

► WRS Makes the EHR Upgrade Easy 
Waiting Room Solutions makes Change Affordable
Waiting Room Solutions makes the cost of change affordable. Our monthly pricing and low-cost data import fees make transition extremely affordable. Frequently the support fees of older on-premises systems are more costly than your monthly license with Waiting Room Solutions.

Industry Leading Transition Tools
Waiting Room Solutions always envisioned a fluid healthcare environment. Because of this we have a powerful data import and export engine that permits easy and low-cost data transition. We have the highest customer retention rate in the industry with over 98% of our clients renewing their contract. But if your practice situation changes, our data export engine permits you to transition with ease.

  It's Better the Second Time Around

Sometimes the first system your practice selects isn’t the one that fits. In fact 40% of Waiting Room Solutions new customers are leaving another EHR and/or Practice Management System to switch to our platform. The lessons learned from a prior system or company relationship can help you better discern what is necessary for your practice’s success. In the words of a famous clothier, “An Educated Consumer is Our Best Customer.”