Your Success is Our Success

We Care for the Caretakers: Physician-centered EMR

In a physician-centered EMR company, we understand that you are busy caring for your patients, overseeing your practice and have personal and professional responsibilities that extend well beyond your medical office. We also understand that you are sometimes under siege by government regulation, a changing healthcare landscape, malpractice attorneys, insurance companies and increasing costs. In making the decision to change to a new software system you have also partially entrusted us with the care of your practice and we take that responsibility very seriously. We strive to honor that trust by continuing to work with the practices on the WRS Health platform for practice improvement. We also understand that change breeds opportunity.

WRS Physician-centered EMR Success

We will work with you to bring your practice to a new level of success and help you achieve your business and professional goals. Your personal and practice success are of paramount importance to us and we wear it as a badge of pride that we help care for our society’s caretakers.

  Peace of Mind Included
Physician-centered company with highest EMR Client Renewal Rate

Selecting the software used to manage your practice is just the first part of practice success. WRS Health consistently receives 5-star ratings on our practice analysis, implementation, training and support process. This is validated and echoed by the thousands of positive reviews and testimonials of our current clients.

WRS Health is a physician-centered company that understands practice workflow, your needs and your challenges. We respect your unique point-of-view by pairing your clinicians with our clinicians, your billers with our billers and your administrators with our administrators who have real-world experience. During the training and implementation process we conduct an in-depth practice analysis project plan customized to you. This process continues through long-term practice goal management with individually assigned account managers to assure your continued success and satisfaction.

  A Physician Community Lending Helpful Hands

Physician-centered EMR for the physician community

At WRS Health, there are multiple ways to communicate with our team. You will always speak with familiar members and be given the opportunity to create meaningful relationships. We provide an advanced support system, self-guided training videos that teach you how to set up your entire practice in the EMR, frequent webinars, one-on-one educational sessions, practice liaisons, and a friendly support team who are willing to help you and open to suggestions. No matter what way you get your answer, you have multiple options how to ask the question. With the highest client retention rate in our class, WRS physician-centered EMR has the proven ability to care for your practice every step of the way; from the day you become a part of our community.

Because we are an organic and growing platform you also benefit from continued update of practice guidelines and clinical content supported by all clinicians in our community. We know the horror stories of practices being left flat-footed at the door with the keys to their software and abandoned by their vendor/partner. Rest-assured that joining the WRS Health community is only the beginning of our partnership to achieve your practice success and peace of mind.