Practice Success with an Integrated Marketing Platform

Practice Success with an Integrated Marketing Platform

How can an EMR help with medical practice marketing? With WRS web-based Electronic Medical Record and Practice Management system, the answer is “very easily.”

Marketing isn't about running an ad in the local newspaper. Practices grow by building relationships with current patients, promoting profitable services to potential patients and maintaining a strong referral network.

Every contact your office has with a patient or referring provider – from the ease of making an appointment to the professionalism of a faxed note – affects how your practice is perceived. You could be damaging relationships right now without realizing it if, for example, there is a delayed response from your front desk or an apparent lack of concern is accidentally communicated.

With WRS Health, there is no need to worry. WRS strengthens relationships with patients and referring providers by making processes easier and offering communications options. These include a website and patient portal, customized for your practice.

Improve perceptions of your practice. Reach out to your current patients while catching the attention of potential new patients. Expand your referral network and grow your practice – all directly from your Electronic Medical Record.