Extend Your Practice Beyond the Four Walls of Your Office

Connectivity: Extend Your Practice - WRS EMR


Connect with patients, payers, labs, and physicians… locally, nationally, and globally. WRS Cloud-based EMR offers secure and centralized Electronic Medical Record connectivity. Updates and security are no longer a worry and everything is delivered to you instantly within the EMR Cloud:
  • EMR Content – Customizable EMR content, built by physicians in your specialty and instantly accessible in your practice
  • Seamless Workflow - A cohesiveend-to-end solution that is centrally delivered, maintained and secured
  • Data ControlControl & continuity in your workflow and cash flow with your secure data that is available 24/7, anywhere, anytime
  • Medical Community – Be a true part of the global medical community, connecting with patients, colleagues, payers, government and medical organizations... locally, nationally, globally

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