Clinical Compliance

Now more than ever, physicians are under increased pressure from new rules, increased scrutiny and ever changing complexities in medical services. We can help remove these burdens, so that you can concentrate on patient care performed.

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Clinical and Meaningful Use Compliance Services

The Business Case


The rules are changing every year. Lack of compliance with Meaningful Use standards currently means a missed revenue opportunity, and soon it will mean payment penalties and possibly negative ratings at government agencies.


Now, more than ever, physicians and their practices are under increased pressure from new regulations and growing complexities in medical services. Even with a superior EMR service, it still requires a significant amount of time to setup the correct process, monitor compliance, train your staff and achieve meaningful use of electronic health records. If you fall behind on the process, you risk jeopardizing your stimulus payments.


That’s where we come in…

Clinical Compliance

In Kentucky, immunization is a big deal and trying to keep abreast of all the immunization requirements by the state was a huge headache, especially with regard to Stage Two attestation,” said Dr. Spencer. “We tried meeting the criteria but it was just too much work – and complex work at that. I ended up contacting WRS Health and asking them if they could assist me with meeting these criteria. Their response can only be described as heroic." Read Full Case Study


- Audrey Spencer, M.D.

(Preventative Care and Family Practice), Maysville, Kentucky

The Process

First, we assign a clinically trained account manager to oversee the compliance process – usually a Registered Nurse. WRS Health’s Clinical and Meaningful Use Compliance Services monitor your practice for compliance, removing the burden from your shoulders and making sure you obtain maximum stimulus payment.


We help our clients achieve full compliance with meaningful use requirements by our multi-step process. Our experts analyze your practice for goals and performance gaps, setup the program, evaluate results on a regular basis, manage and train staff in proper procedure and report for your practice.


We perform monthly audits to gauge your practice’s compliance and manage the steps necessary for continual performance improvement. This process includes:

An analysis of your practice’s strengths and opportunities for improvement Individualized training to improve in areas that are lacking Defined, attainable goals for your staff to achieve timely compliance over time Tracked and measured progress Assistance with Meaningful Use compliance reporting Assistance should your practice be selected for audit

Other than Meaningful Use compliance, physicians are faced with a variety of other Federal or State clinical compliance regulations. We can help with a variety of other compliance measures.

The Value

With WRS Heath’s Clinical and Meaningful Use Compliance Services, your practice will qualify for stimulus financial incentives and experience reduced risk of non-compliance and audit risk, while removing the burden from you.

Why You Should Select

WRS Health’s Clinical & Meaningful Use Compliance Solutions:

Achieve timely meaningful use compliance Receive stimulus incentives without the headache Effective, individualized training for your staff Monthly, customized reporting Proven results and client satisfaction