Toni Pratt-Reid, ARNP

Practice Name: 
Family Healthcare & Minor Emergency

I am so thrilled with WRS Health. The system is working well. There are a couple things I can’t do, but overall it’s excellent. We have five locations and used another system years ago. We’ve been with WRS since November 2009 and we are very happy. I would absolutely recommend WRS Health to other physicians. Our only hesitation was that it wasn’t MAC compatible, but the customer service was so incredible we agreed to sign up and wait for them to develop the compatibility. The forward thinking and customer service made us stay.

WRS Health helped my practice because it’s a well-organized package. We have implemented all aspects of the system. The adaptation of WRS for each individual site is a real drawing card. It streamlines a lot of processes for us so we are not doing redundant tasks. The tracking mechanism is working great for us. The patient education that’s attached to the diagnosis is a very a useful feature. I’ve noticed improvements in practice workflow and efficiency. Meaning Use has worked well for our medical providers.

I am happy to give the WRS Health’s customer service team kudos. They are upfront and honest with us and I appreciate that. They assured me that once we got where we needed to be they would focus on Mac compatibility. They kept their word and I would like to say thank you to the entire WRS team for making WRS compatible with Mac. You folks have made an enormous amount of improvements throughout the year and I was pleasantly surprised when I logged on and got further through the system than the patients names. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!