Sonia Merced

Practice Name: 
Empatia Care

I have been working at Dr. Dan Vatev’s practice for eleven years and changing to EMR with WRS Health is the best decision he’s ever made! We started with WRS Health in October 2013, and we began seeing improvements in our workflow immediately. Once you start with WRS Health, you don’t need to look any further for an EMR.

We have two locations, and WRS has helped our practices function with ease. Rather than having to pull charts and medical records, we can go into the system and find everything in one spot. The system also allows the doctors to customize templates. All they have to do is look into the system, see what patients are in the office, and they can tend to them right away. All the information entered at the front desk is at their fingertips immediately. They can refer to the patient’s chart and help them instantly, eliminating multiple steps in the typical process.

WRS Health’s billing system is working really well for us right now. WRS populates the form automatically. In the past, we would send claims to insurance companies and have to wait to be accepted or denied. Now we know what changes need to be made before we send a claim. WRS notifies us right away and tells us what we need to fix before we can proceed.

I’ve been asking Dr. Vatev to go electronic for years now. Our practice consists of internal medicine and pediatrics, and it was hard to come up with a solution that everyone was happy with. When Dr. Vatev first heard of WRS Health, he asked me to play around with the site to see how I felt about it and I thought to myself, “Oh no, not another one… Not a link!” I preferred having a representative onsite and to show us a demonstration in person. However, when I went into the system to poke around, I was surprised at how easy it was to use. I liked all the functions that were available in the program. The billing module was connected to the EMR. Everything was so user- friendly. I was happy with it!  After only four hours of training, the doctor announced that we were going live. I was nervous because I thought implementation was going to be very complicated, but it wasn’t.

We are currently working between two systems. We were attempting to do reports with our other system, but it was far too complicated. I’ve been working in the other system since 2006, and instead of making improvements over the years, it seems as though things are becoming more difficult. They were even losing the claims we were submitting! We would call and they would say it was never received. I can’t wait to complete the transition to WRS Health.

The customer service team at WRS Health is very professional, knowledgeable and courteous. We call them and they get back to us right away. We don’t have to wait. Mike Smith is the best. He is so attentive and prompt with his responses! When I send an email, I find that he has replied before I even think to check my email. He follows up after training and calls to check in. Before going live with the WRS Health system I was afraid. I couldn’t imagine going live without more training. But the WRS Health team offered to help us right away.

Overall, things are running much smoother in the office from the front desk to the appointments with patients. We are very happy with this EMR.