Ramsey Elhosn, M.D.

Practice Name: 
Elhosn Eye & Aesthetics

Opening a new practice last year was a great challenge for us, so choosing an EMR provider was a top priority. After researching many EMR solutions and attending a WRS Health webinar, we found their software to best fit our needs. With this practice management software, we’ve been able to focus on getting our practice off the ground. WRS Health has made the process smoother and more efficient.

My practice opened just three months ago and we immediately decided we wanted to bypass paper charting and go with an EMR. What I like most about this software is that it is web-based and easy to use. Being on the cloud gives me access to my practice anytime, anywhere, whether I’m at home, in the office or on mobile.  I have instant access to all aspects of the software, including appointments, patient info and billing. The patient portal is also a great asset.

We’ve been able to customize WRS Health’s templates to our liking and the billing system is very simple. Our patients can get appointment reminders through e-mail, which definitely helps us optimize our time. Though we’ve seen some limited SEO and updating capabilities with the web site we purchased through WRS Health, we are overall very pleased with the software and ongoing support and customer service. We would definitely recommend this software to other practices.