Dr. Manlove

Practice Name: 
Manlove Psychiatry Group

Compared to the EMR system we used previously, WRS Health is faster, more predictable, user friendly, and reliable. The difference is night and day! We have noticed great improvements in the practice since starting with the cloud-based system. The workflow is fluid and we move through patients more quickly. I don’t have any trouble completing my notes while the patient is sitting with me. In the past, patients would have to wait while I finished my notes and organized charts. This is no longer the case. WRS Health has helped us pay more attention to detail. It has also been a financial gain as it takes less staff to run it.

Meaningful Use is a wonderful feature. The data collection has been beneficial and we are more efficient with the accounts receivable drop. I like how the system keeps track of every transaction as well as medication information including the date and time. Incoming and outgoing referrals are also tracked in Meaningful Use and this helps keep us organized. This feature is working much better than the other options we were exploring prior to finding WRS Health.

The customer service team at WRS is very patient. When I send a note I can actually see if they have received it. The response is almost immediate. With the system we used previously we were lucky if we heard back from customer care at all. The WRS Health team is helpful and they take the time to explain things to us. I’m grateful for that.