Delores Macksoud, M.D.

Practice Name: 
Delores Macksoud M.D.

My practice is in Miami Florida and I specialize in Neurology. I would recommend WRS Health to other physicians because it’s easy to use. I find the system to be helpful and accommodating. The Meaningful Use analysis is wonderful. I am able to seamlessly send all of the required information to obtain the funds. WRS Health EMR e-prescribing is another useful feature as it helps patients get their medications quickly. This feature also allows me to record the prescription information and provide clear evidence for Meaningful Use government incentives.

I’ve noticed significant improvements in work flow and it continues to get better! This cloud based system possesses all of the attributes necessary to ensure efficient work flow. I switched from a different EMR system as it was not user friendly. We were able to move forward quickly with WRS Health. At first, I had no idea how to navigate through the system, but the customer service has been great and helped put us in the right direction.

I only have good things to say about the customer support and training team at WRS Health. I’m currently continuing with training, and it’s very informative. They are very patient with me and answer my questions in a timely fashion.