Audrey Spencer, M.D.

Practice Name: 
Audrey Spencer M.D.

My practice is based in Maysville, Kentucky. I’ve been in business for almost 30 years and I would absolutely recommend WRS Health to other physicians. The system is very customizable. I can tailor notes and templates in a way that works best for me and I can change them at any time. WRS has allowed me to track everything for each patient. I’m more organized than ever and I can locate information easily, which has helped my practice tremendously. Because the system is cloud based, I can access it from anywhere. I am able to organize my schedule and continue working at home if needed. The ability to customize health maintenance order tracking is very useful, and I use this feature constantly. Another feature I love is the patient portal. It’s a seamless process and helps create a smooth experience for patient and provider communication.

I spent two months searching for the right integrated EMR system for my practice. It was important for me to assess other solutions because I needed to be compliant with Meaningful Use requirements. Another reason I continued to search was to progress from using paper charts for my medical records. After doing my research, I choose to go with WRS Health and it was a great decision. The customer service team is very responsive. They reply quickly and have been excellent in my opinion. I recently read that 70% of all physicians are upset with their EMR, I must be a part of the 30%.