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EHR & Practice

Management Platform

Spend Less Time Charting and More Time on Patient Care by Utilizing Our Exclusive Digital Pen


Improves Patient Care

Improves Productivity

Improves Financial Performance

While most EHRs can slow you down in the OR, WRS Health offers ambulatory surgery centers a state of the art EHR and practice management platform built on today’s technologies with a unique Digital Pen integration that provides an alternative to keyboard data entry.


The Ultimate Documentation Tool

For Ambulatory Surgery Centers

To meet the demands of its surgical client base for easier documentation that would enhance productivity, WRS Health developed an alternative to keyboard data entry for its EHR by allowing physicians and nursing staff to get back to using the fast and familiar pen and paper while obtaining all the benefits of today'stechnology throughout all areas of patient care.

Digital pen and paper is the ultimate data collection tool for ASC's that you will find exclusively with our solution. Surgeons, Anesthesiologists, and Nursing Staff will not see any change in their workflow. They simply fill out paper forms with a digital pen. Each form is unique and the pen captures every stroke on the paper. Physicians and nurses can work as they always have, with their existing forms, and all the data is interfaced into the WRS Health EHR.

Award Winning EHR

Completely Integrated

In Our Award Winning EHR

Utilizing a general "one size fits all" solution for your ASC might not work. We offer a system that has been built from the ground up with your ASC specialty in mind and optimized for your operating environment.

The WRS Health ASC Digital Pen is integrated into the EHR allowing for a more efficient and quicker workflow. The WRS Health EHR and PM Solution with ASC Digital Pen Integration allows you to:

  • Quickly train staff and physicians
  • Reduce labor hours spent on documentation
  • Enhance OR utilization
  • Reduce costs
  • Increase profit margin

The WRS Health EHR and Practice Management Platform with ASC digital Pen integration is cloud based so there is no need for you to invest in expensive hardware to run and maintain. The EHR and practice Management platform comes with all the “specialty” specific features you need to fully run your ambulatory surgery center.


Features Include:

  • Digital Pen Integration
  • Integrated Schedule/Calendar
  • e-Prescribing
  • Medications Management
  • Integrated Billing
  • Quick Charting
  • Specialty Specific Health Templates
  • Specialty specific surgical workflows
  • Specialty specific surgical forms
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Marketing Services
  • Patient Portal
  • And Much More

How Much Can You Save

Using The WRS Health EHR With Integrated ASC Digital Pen?

Our EHR and practice management platform saves you real money from day one. For example, the calculator on the right is a useful tool to estimate how much you will be able to save monthly using the WRS Health EHR with the ASC Digital Pen.

Enter number of hours staff spends inputing forms on a daily basis and hour rate. Result will give you a monthly estimated savings you will realize when you use the ASC Digital Pen with the WRS EHR.