Benefits of an Integrated Practice Management Solution

Integrated EMR and Practice Management System

A smooth running and well-engineered medical office is one where patient, clinical and billing workflow is seamless. Data flows without interruption, without delay and without effort from patient registration, to patient scheduling, to medical charting and to billing. In a dynamic and changing medical office environment patient data can come from different sources at different times. WRS Health knows this simple truth; and our system enables a tightly integrated workflow to permit easy data entry and data availability where you need it.

  Problems with Fractured Medical Office Systems

When all systems and processes are running smoothly in your medical practice there’s no need to peek under the hood.  But everyone knows the stories about practices that just can’t seem to get it right. Duplicate registration and data entry on different systems lead to wasted effort.  Data integrity issues lead to failure to report accurately or connect to outside health information systems. A best of breed billing system “interfaced” with an EMR leads to incomplete charge capture, multiple clicks to complete a workflow and unnecessary network management time and costs to maintain a connection between your own systems. An Interfaced system just can’t give you the smooth workflow you need with minimal human intervention.

  EMR and Practice Management Integration by Design

Benefits of an Integrated EMR and Practice Management System

Medical office system integration doesn’t just happen — it has to be carefully designed by knowing all of the data elements and all of the moving parts. Just like the design and planning necessary to build a great building; excellent medical system architecture enables the smooth movement and availability of data. Form follows function.

All relevant clinical data needs to be available at the point of care. All relevant billing data needs to be available on claim creation. The WRS Health Integrated EMR and Practice Management system was designed by experienced medical professionals who know how medical offices work, how data flows and the multiple interdependencies from one area of your medical office to another.