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WRS Health® OB/GYN EMR and Practice Management system was designed specifically to meet the needs of Obstetricians, Gynecologists and Nurse Practitioners specializing in Women's Health. Built on a single platform, the WRS Health system integrates every aspect of your Women's Health practice from appointment scheduling through revenue cycle management to increase efficiencies and ensure you get paid for the services you perform.

Because WRS is web-based, you can access the system 24/7 from home, the hospital or any location that has Internet access. You can view and update patient records, review lab results, create e-prescriptions, and more.

The system is pre-populated with the content most frequently used by OB/GYN. Sonogram videos, images and other imaging and lab results can be easily incorporated, and the tests, themselves, can be ordered with just a click of the mouse.

Women of child-bearing age are some of the most active seekers of health information on the Web. That’s why the integrated website and patient portal that come standard with WRS solution are such important tools for women’s health practices.

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OB/GYN-Specific Notes Enable Quick Charting

WRS OB/GYN EHR Supports All Common Women's Health Encounters
and In-Office Procedures

WRS Health OB/GYN EMR is pre-loaded with the content used by Women's Health specialists, and that content is organized to enable you to chart efficiently.

Since no two Women's Health clinicians have exactly the same charting needs or styles, we provide our 6-Tier Customization Engine. It enables you to quickly establish your own library of templates that precisely match your charting preferences.

Below are just a few examples of how easy it is to chart with WRS
All you'll need for your specialty
Attach images and video from your devices to your patient's chart
Widest Choice of charting methods in one system
Charting Methods

WRS Health
Comprehensive Library
of OB/GYN Templates

The time savings with WRS Health EMR has been unbelievable. At the end of the day, all of my charts are done, and I can move on to other things.   Julie Dybbro, ARNP, Complete Women's Heath Care, Olympia, WA

Comprehensive Library of

OB/GYN Templates

My charting has improved a whopping 200% since implementing WRS Health . – Julie Dybbro, ARNP, Complete Women's Health Care, Olympia, WA
  • ACOG Screening
  • Basic GYN
  • Bloody Urine
  • Breast Lump
  • Breast Pain and Tenderness
  • Change in Urinary Habits
  • Difficult Nursing
  • Headaches
  • Genital Lesion
  • Hormone Issues
  • Incontinence
  • Irregular Menses
  • Nipple Discharge
  • Nonmenstrual Bleeding
  • Pelvic Pain
  • UTI
  • Vaginal Discharge
  • Vulvular Itching or Burning

Integrated Obstetrics-Specific Features Enhance Your Workflow

Developed in conjunction with obstetricians, WRS EMR facilitates established clinical and workflow processes, freeing you and your practice to focus on your patients.

Capture ACOG Data and More with Antepartum Flow Sheet and Note Template

The Antepartum Flow Sheet and Note template combines ACOG data capture with additional functionality for quick charting and an efficient workflow. Pertinent charting elements are entered at each visit and the Flow Sheet's single-page format allows for easy tracking over the pregnancy. To speed the Obstetrics workflow:

Antepartum Note
  • Commonly used content, including standard gynecologic history, infection history, and genetic counseling items, is pre-populated so you can quickly select it
  • A single click charts a Normal Review of Systems – or individual items can be charted as appropriate
  • An automatic Due Date calculator that tracks expected and actual due dates
  • Video and images from your devices can be transmitted to your WRS EMR and attached to the patient's record
  • For billing purposes, the CPT code for antepartum care is entered automatically. Other OB/GYN CPT and ICD codes are available to be selected as appropriate

While the Antepartum Flow Sheet and Note offer many advantages, practioners who prefer paper can use the WRS Healthcare Digital Pen to complete traditional ACOG forms and the data will flow to the patient's record.

Due Date Report At Your Fingertips

Due Date Report At Your Fingertips

With just a few clicks, you can get an instant list of the patients expected to deliver within any timeframe you choose. In addition to being useful for scheduling or for physicians who are on call, this feature makes it a cinch to provide planning data to your hospital.

Easy Ordering and Tracking of Obstetric Lab Panels

Standard obstetric lab panels such as Prenatal Profiles can be ordered with a single click. WRS offers connectivity with all major labs, enabling lab results to be received directly into the OB/GYN EMR. Additionally, WRS exclusive Order Tracking System allows for easy tracking of lab orders and results along with documentation of your practice's associated patient communications.

View and Manage Planned C-Sections and Other Surgical Cases

WRS exclusive Surgical Workflow Queue helps you manage the beginning-to-end process for planned C-sections by facilitating and documenting key steps and tracking the global period for billing. Valuable for gynecologic surgeries as well, the queue organizes the workflow into four stages: 

Surgery Workflow
  • Preoperative – Addresses all activities prior to the surgery date, including preauthorization, medical clearance, scheduling the surgery, preoperative testing, consent and managing communications with the operating room.
  • Perioperative – Covers the date of surgery plus six days and includes entry of the surgical procedure into the patient's record and seamless claim creation.
  • Postoperative  – Patient follow-ups are recorded and you are alerted to the end of the global period for billing services.
  • Completed – Care subsequent to the global period is recorded and billed. This area is also useful for reviewing past surgical cases or cancelled surgeries.
We are surgeons dealing with newborn deliveries. The WRS EMR delivers considerable workflow efficiencies and works GREAT.   Barbara Buckley, NP, Comprehensive Women's Healthcare, Grapevine, TX

View and Manage Gynecological Surgical Cases

OB GYN EMR Surgical Workflow

WRS exclusive Surgical Workflow Queue helps you manage the beginning-to-end process for surgeries such as hysterectomies, LEEP procedures, Pelvic Laparoscpies and planned C-Sections. Our EMR helps you with facilitating and documenting key steps and tracking the global period for billing. The queue organizes the workflow into four stages: 

Preoperative – Addresses all activities prior to the surgery date. Manage:
  • Preauthorizations
  • Medical clearance
  • Scheduling the surgery
  • Preoperative testing
  • Consents
  • Communications with the operating room

Perioperative – Covers the date of surgery plus six days and includes:

  • Entry of the surgical procedure into the patient's record
  • Seamless claim creation

Postoperative  – Patient follow ups are recorded

  • Visits are recorded
  • You are alerted to the end of the global period for billing services

Completed – Care subsequent to the global period

  • Care is recorded and billed
  • Useful for reviewing past surgical cases or cancelled surgeries.

Incorporate Images, Video and Labs – Without Scanning or Uploading

Connect with Devices Via the Web

Connect with DevicesWRS OB/GYN EMR was built for the Web and designed to facilitate information flows within and beyond the 4 walls of your practice. Video and images, such as sonograms or mammographies, can be accepted electronically from in-office devices or from anywhere over the web and incorporated into patients' charts.

WRS connectivity saves your practice time by eliminating the cumbersome process of scanning or uploading files. Instead, the files flow to your EMR where you or your staff associate them with the appropriate patient record. 

Send Lab Orders and Receive Results Automatically

Bidirectional Lab ConnectionsWRS offers bi-directional connectivity with all major labs, enabling lab orders to be sent automatically with results received directly into the EMR.

WRS also offers the option of uni-directional connectivity, where results are received electronically into the EMR but the order is conveyed by conventional means such as fax or by providing the patient with a printout.

Either way, Well Woman Labs, Prenatal Profiles and other standard lab panels can be ordered with a single click. The exclusive Order Tracking System included in the WRS Women's Health EMR allows for easy tracking of lab orders, results and your practice's associated patient communications. Additionally, lab results can be shared with patients via the patient portal.

90% of our labs come in to the computer directly. My staff used to stack papers up. Now the labs are there with WRS EMR. I send patients an email and encourage them to look at their lab results on WRS patient portal. Karen Lee, ARNP,  NCMP, Woman to Woman, Mt. Vernon, WA

Integrated Patient Portal and Personal Health Record

Engage With Patients at Their Convenience – and Yours

Integrated Patient Portal and Personal Health Record

Practices using our integrated patient portal and personal health record (PHR) see at least a 13% lower no-show rate. But the benefits go beyond the no-show rates. More importantly, accessing the patient portal allows your practice to streamline communication with your patients. Patients can view educational materials related to their diagnoses, stage of pregnancy and even lab test results. Utilizing the integrated PHR, your patients can enter and update their demographic information, insurance information, medical and social histories, current medications, providers, preferred pharmacies, medical directives, and more. All updates flow into the EMR and are processed in real time.

24-7 Access

Through 128-bit encryption, your patients can also message your practice with non-urgent questions, request appointments, request refills, and even book appointments all within the comfort of their own homes, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Scheduling frequent pre-natal well visits is now an easier process for both your patients and your practice. Not only does this free up your phone lines, they meet the expectations of today's patients to be able to communicate with their healthcare providers at their convenence.

Your patient portal also gives your practice the ability to send test results to your patients, as well as medication instructions and educational material. All patient data is encrypted, ensuring HIPAA standards are being met. 

You are the ultimate authority regarding how much data is conveyed to your patients. At no point in time does your patient have access to the provider-created notes. Your patients can only see what you want them to see; physician notes remain protected.

Marketing Fosters OB/GYN Practice Profitability

Marketing Practice Website

Marketing Website Customized for Your Women's Health Services 

More than 90% of American women aged 18 to 50 are online, and they increasingly use the Internet to research maternity, infertility, women's health  and other OB/GYN services and practices. WRS OB/GYN EMR makes it easy for these patients to find you using Google and other search engines.

Your Practice Website is created off of the WRS Health platform. Key OB/GYN services are pre-configured for search engine marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If your practice offers related services such as aging counseling, genetic testing, or vitamins and supplements, these can be promoted on your website and optimized for Web searches as well. You can easily customize your website and make changes as often as you like.

Want to take your marketing to the next level? WRS offers a suite of practice marketing solutions.

Patient Portal Yields Satisfied OB/GYN Patients and Practice Growth

Integrated Patient Portal and Personal Health Record

Increasingly web-savvy women expect online access to their health information and their healthcare provider's office. In fact, some make it a prerequisite when choosing a practice.

WRS integrated patient portal enables your patients to access education materials, their health information and even their lab results at their convenience. They can also request appointments through the portal and use its secure messaging feature to correspond with your practice about non-urgent matters. No need to call during office hours and no being put on hold!

Patients who are highly satisfied with their experience, including the convenience offered by their patient portal, are more likely to refer friends, family and coworkers to your practice.

Branded and Personalized Physician Communications

Professional Communications with Referring Providers

Timely and professional communications with your referral network reflect positively on your practice, encouraging future referrals. You can quickly send customized encounter notes or consult letters to referring providers from within the WRS Health system. Each communication is professionally formatted and branded with your logo and practice information.


The Women's Health portal allows patients to request appointments. In this day and age of email, it is a way to let patients keep in touch with us. It is also HIPAA compliant.Barbara Buckley, NP, Comprehensive Women's Health, Grapevine, TX

OB/GYN Billing and Revenue Cycle Management Delivers Fast, Accurate Payment

Getting Paid for the Services You Perform Is as Easy as 1, 2, 3

Revenue Cycle Management
Revenue Cycle Management
Get Paid for All Your Services
Integrated Charge Capture
Lightning Fast Payment
Lightning Fast

WRS Health links every part of your practice together so that you can get paid for all your services quickly and accurately.

When charting an OB/GYN procedure, such as a Laparoscopic Tubal Ligation or a Dilatation and Curettage, the charge seamlessly flows to the claim for submission without the need for re-keying. Paper superbills and dual entry of data are eliminated.

The global period for maternity or a surgery is automatically tracked so that payment for unrelated services during the global period aren't forfeited. Your pre-authorized CPT codes are automatically queued for claim submission on the date of delivery or surgery.

Patients are held responsible for their financial obligations. Patient invoices are automated and your front desk is prompted to collect copayments and coinsurance when patients check in.

Electronic deposits and automatic payment are integrated within the system. Electronic payment happens on average two weeks sooner than paper checks, which has a dramatic impact on your cash flow, particularly for maternity and other global period services.


Our finances have never been better ... Since we switched to WRS, we positioned ourselves to where we can take advantage of every nuance, which allows us to collect everything we deserve. – William Blythe, M.D.

WRS Mitigates the Risks Inherent to OB/GYN Practice

Automated Health Maintenance

Automated OB/GYN Recalls and Health Maintenance Reminders

WRS Health has automated the process of recalling OB/GYN patients for annual visits, bone density screenings, mammograms and other women's health screenings and procedures. Alerts are programmed in and can then be modified based on practice preference and commonly accepted OB/GYN clinical guidelines.Your practice determines the protocols and WRS will automatically alert patients by phone, SMS or email.

Accurate and Up-to-Date Patient Education

When you make a diagnosis or recommend a procedure, relevant education information is automatically emailed to the patient and queued for printing at the front desk. Commonly used educational content for OB/GYN patients on topics such as osteoporosis and heavy menstrual bleeding treatment options are tied to diagnosis codes so that patient education is seamlessly linked to charting your encounter note. Additionally, common pregnancy education topics are pre-populated by trimester so that you can easily document the education delivered during the encounter.

Easily Track Lab Orders, Results and Patient Compliance

WRS exclusive Order Tracking System makes it easy for practices to monitor the status of labs ordered as well as to review results and forward them on to the patient via the patient portal.

Need to intervene with a patient who hasn’t acted on a mammogram or colonoscopy? Based on your setup parameters a reminder email and phone call will be sent automatically.You can also schedule automated patient reminders that go out only if you haven’t received lab results by the expected date.

Order Tracking System

Informed Consent Documentation

The WRS OB/GYN EMR includes a Consent Management feature. Forms can be completed with the WRS Healthcare Digital Pen or scanned and uploaded to the patient record. When the Surgery Workflow Queue is used, it ensures Informed Consent is properly documented before a procedure is scheduled and maintains the information as part of the patient record.