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Build Your Practice with Nurse Practitioner EMR Software

Discover the web-based electronic medical records system designed by nurse practitioners, for nurse practitioners.

As a nurse practitioner, you need to chart quickly, comfortably and efficiently while capturing all charges for your services. Implementing Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software in your office can be one of the most beneficial things you can do to improve your practice’s success.

Unfortunately, choosing the right EMR solution can be difficult. If you are one of the thousands of nurse practitioner offices looking to make the switch to electronic health records, chances are, you're discovering the following challenges:

  • There's too much competition. Many companies offer EMR and EHR solutions that promise to increase revenue, improve office functioning, and help provide better patient care. How do you sort them out?
  • What computer outlays are needed? Will your current computer hardware do or will you need to outlay a large amount of cash for a server and IT support?
  • Will the EMR software meet your needs?

Tap Into the Power of Affordable, Customized EMR Software

Imagine what EMR software customized for your specific practice can do to streamline your practice functions and improve patient care. WRS Health affordable, customizable nurse practitioner EMR subscription packages are easy to manage – with a simple, monthly service fee. There is no software to purchase, no maintenance fees or other hidden expenses. WRS Health EMR software for nurse practitioners is designed to meet the specific needs of nurse practitioners.

Deploying the right Nurse Practitioner EMR software can:

  • Improve Patient Care
  • Increase Revenue
  • Save Time & Money
  • Reduce medical errors
  • Reduce documentation time

Technology on Your Side! This Software Does it All!

WRS Health is more than just a collection of individual software modules. Our Nurse Practitioner EMR software is a web-based system designed to integrate your practice. We help with website creation and marketing your practice. Our workflow management system coordinates Electronic Medical Records, Revenue Cycle Management, Personal Health Records, Electronic Prescribing (eRx), Scheduling, Content Management, Messaging, Fax, Order Tracking and Billing. It works the way you work. End your search - this one does it all.

Capitalize on medical office experience - built by successful medical professionals, leveraging their expertise to help you run a busy, profitable practice.

Maximize the benefits of Internet connectivity - creates immediate, all-important connections to patients, insurance companies, labs, pharmacies, and other physician offices.

Minimize error through data standardization - enhances efficiency and improves profitability.

Centralize practice functions- your data is stored in a safe, HIPAA-compliant secure location allowing for convenient, secure access from any location and offering the benefit of off-site disaster recovery.

"Our software is flexible enough to develop and grow with the practice as it tailors its operations to best serve its emerging patient base."
Dr. Lawrence Gordon, founder and CEO of WRS Health

With WRS Health, your Nurse Practitioner EMR software is customized by practice and specialty for marketing messages to patients and educational links for patients. Improve your practice’s efficiency by answering secure messages online and freeing up phone lines and reducing unnecessary fax activity.

Unlike 'all-in-one' EMR software systems, we offer affordable, customizable subscription packages that are easy to manage – with a simple, monthly service fee. Select an affordable set of applications that meet your specific needs and budget. As a Software as a Service (SaaS) medical software company, you pay only for what you use. This means there's no additional software to purchase; no maintenance fees, no software upgrades to implement, and no data backups or hardware security to worry about.

Enhance your office's efficiency, profitability, and patient care with these WRS Health EHR features:

  • E&M Coding Documentation Support
  • Scheduling and Online Patient Registration
  • Access Clinical Data from any Internet Connection
  • Website & Patient Portal, electronic messaging
  • Transcription
  • Eliminate the Inefficiencies of the Paper Environment
  • Electronic Prescriptions
  • Electronic Links to Laboratories
  • Track All Orders Issued from Practice
  • Electronic Formulary Management
  • Document Management for Paper Charts and Faxes
  • Learns How You Chart
  • Pay for Performance Tracking
  • Unrivaled Customization and Features

Use EMR Software to Improve Your Patient Relationships

Easily create your practice’s website and patient portal to increase your ability to attract new patients, strengthen patient loyalty, and improve ongoing patient communications. Patients maintain their own personal health record which they can access from your Practice Website.

Your patients are constantly searching the Internet for medical information - shouldn't you be there? Link your backend systems for efficiency so patients can easily register online, maintain their personal health record, schedule appointments and message with your office - all from your practice website.

Easy, Complete, Affordable, Secure - and Committed to Your Nurse Practitioner's Practice!

We don't just set up servers and software and then leave. We help you automate your practice and tailor the system to your needs. As you grow your practices, we will continue to work with you to tune your clinical and business systems. Your success is our success!